Teaching Staff

Rachel Antista
Choir, Drama, and Musical Theater
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Chelsea Force
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Shannon Harley
Academic Literacy
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Jose Moore
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Kevin Phillips
AVID and Student Government
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Cheyanne Read
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Rafael Sanchez-Bette
Visual Art
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Jordan Santos
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Larissa Walls
Computer Science, Environmental Design, and Robotics
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Grade 6
Christina Click
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Chelsea Force
Language Arts
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Mary Jean Nebreja
6th Grade ExEd
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Margaret Paul
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Grade 7
Rowell Apillanes
7th Grade ExEd
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Nettie Brewster
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Isaiah Garrett
Social Studies
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Lani Twenter
Language Arts
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Barry Wilson
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Grade 8
Ruth Hatton
Language Arts
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Elizabeth Powell
8th Grade ExEd
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Gale Preston-Rivers
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Veronica Villegas
Social Studies
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Grades 6, 7, 8
Lara Alnajjar
In-House Instructor
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Yvette Herrera-Estrada
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